Episode 4 – Begining the Club Night

A new domain! A change in format (and production!) Same mix! And there’s a new theme coming (be prepared!)

This episode is a special one for me, I’m featuring music from one of the artists that got me into Trance and House, my good friend Kirsty Hawkshaw.  She has released a re-make of “It’s a Fine Day” titled “Fine Day 2008” and it is the featured track for this podcast.  Kirsty is also in Second Life and you can check out her club, Club Connected.  The theme for this episode is music you would hear at the beginning of a club night.  This mix was originally a club demo but I decided to make it the next episode. Here is this episode’s tracklisting:

  1. DJ Daniel – Elektro Girl (Original) [mp3] Buy on the iTunes Music Store
  2. Bitwise – Stranglet Artist Website
  3. Paul Zazadze – Visions of Sound [Night Mix] [Purchase MP3] More On this Album
  4. Paruz – Fragole [Original] [mp3] More On This Album
  5. Scuba – Love For You (Phillip Charles Rework) [MP3] Buy on Amazon.com
  6. Toby Emerson – Rapture Buy on Amazon.com
  7. Stargroove And Trox – Silence and Words [Dynamical PhonyniX Mix] Buy on Amazon
  8. Feature Track: Kirsty Hawkshaw – It’s a Fine Day 2008 Buy on Beatport